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This summer Susan and I (my name is Fred) decided to visit London. Ok, well, Susan decided to visit London and I was welcome to come along. Being a bit of a hermit, and not much of a world traveler, I wasn’t too keen on the idea. However, the plans were made, the tickets booked and we were off.

Several of Susan’s co-workers had been to London and had wonderful experiences there. Someone recommended a hotel along with many different things to do, and they loaned her several books specifically about London. We were well-prepared.

Hopefully this site will give you a feel for what our trip was like, so you can understand what a typical (I guess we’re typical) visit to London involves.

Of course, you’ll be coming from wherever you live. We live in Atlanta, GA, so our departing and returning airport experience will be different from yours, but the rest should be fairly close to anyone else’s. We flew into Gatwick airport, but London’s main airport is Heathrow. I guess there are advantages to each airport. Heathrow is closer, but busier. Gatwick will require more expensive ground transportation when going to and from London, but you may find the airport less busy and flights may be cheaper.

I’ve tried to include as much detail as possible (perhaps more than you might want) so that you will have the nitty-gritty information that other books and reports about London do not provide. This really is a vacation diary, which should allow you to come along with us.

I was skeptical and reluctant about London. For two weeks prior to our arrival it rained there every day. I didn’t think I’d really enjoy visiting the various attractions. However, I came home feeling enriched, educated and enlivened.

Join us now on our journey…

We Leave For London

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